Summer League - College style

Each summer the UNLV men's basketball team has a little time off to go home, visit family and rest up. But they don't stay away from the court for long.  Most of them participate in summer league somewhere. Previously, they all seemed to be in California, but for the second year in a row, they can now play right here in Las Vegas.

The Desert Reign Pro City Summer League was established in 2012 and is sanctioned by the NCAA. I can't begin to explain all the rules laid out by the NCAA, but I know Kreigh Warkentien (Director of Basketball Operators) and Eric Tolliver ("Compliance guy" as I like to call him) over at UNLV do a good job making sure the guys are eligible before they are put on a roster at Desert Reign.

This year, Rebel fans (myself included) dying to see some UNLV hoops can go to Sawyer Middle School, off Rainbow & Dewey behind Spring Valley Hospital, to watch college hoops for free, and see some new (and old) players from the Rebels.

Last night, I took the kids over to watch a couple games. It was great to see ex-Rebels Quintrell Thomas and Marcus Lawrence, as well as new Rebels, Jelan Kendrick, Kevin Olekaibe and Roscoe Smith. We also watched a great show by current Rebels Savon Goodman and Daquan Cook.

Demetris Morant may play next week, if released from a medical issue and Kendall Smith may also play, if approved by the NCAA. In the meantime, they were both in attendance Tuesday night supporting their teammates. We might even see former Rebels, Anthony Marshall or Brice Massamba, join in, as they were hanging around in the gym on Wednesday night to watch games.

It was nice seeing some of my Rebel friends watching the games in the gym. They even had the A/C turned on last night, unlike last year where the crowd was as sweaty as the players by the end of the night!

The tournament is four weeks long, held on various days each week.  You can get more info here: and you can watch the games live via streaming video (they are also archived to watch later) here:

Hope to see you out there!

I will attach some pics taken from my iPhone.


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